「藤原さんへの公開メール」と題されたフリーランス・ジャーナリストーの藤原肇博士(1938年生)と会計士の山根治氏(1942年生)の対話記事を通じて、私たち読者は intelligence のエッセンスを知ることができます。山根治ブログ 2022年7月11日号(から転載させていただきます。「人生は短く、人為は長く、機会は逃げやすく、実験は危険を伴い、論証はむずかしい。医師は正しと思うことをなすだけでなく、患者や看護人や外的状況に助けられることが必要である」“Life is short, and Art [of medicine] long; the crisis fleeting; experience perilous, and decision difficult. The physician must not only be prepared to do what is right himself, but also to make the patient, the attendants and the externals cooperate.” と例えられるアフォリズムがお二人の交流から伝わります。


 コメント・メール(57)に書いたが、 売国奴の安倍は虚言症で、ゾンビ政治を演じ続けて、国民を騙したために、政治が食い荒らされた結果、社会は溶融してしまい、日本は亡国の道を転落中です。政治評論家の副島隆彦は、彼のブログで事件を論じ、ケネディ暗殺のプロットに、共通するものを指摘し、次のような発信をしています。


 私は安倍晋三は、日本の政治を長い間、悪くした責任者であるから、追悼しない。私たちにとっての大敵であり、大悪であるから、悲しくない。安倍の死を悼んで悲しむ日本人たちとの闘いが、これからもずっと続く。安倍という頭目を失って、彼ら、日本の反共右翼の勢力は、誰を次の頭に立てるのだろうか。 日本国はこの30年間、国民の所得が上がらず、経済成長が無く、ヒドい衰退国家である。安倍晋三は、この日本の無残な30年間の、政治指導者として重大な責任が有る。・・・テレビと新聞各紙は、犯人の取り調べの供述が警察から漏れ出たものとして、[安倍元総理死去 山上容疑者「ある特定の宗教団体に恨みがあった」と供述と 報道している。ところが、この宗教団体の名を、警察は言ったはずなのに、新聞テレビが、はっきりと書かない。 このことが重大な問題だ。この宗教団体とは、安倍晋三の祖父の岸信介の代から、日本に強固に根付いているカルト集団である、統一教会(Moonie 文鮮明)である。・・]」

 (Political commentator Takahiko Soejima discusses the incident in his blog, pointing out the similarities in the plot of the Kennedy assassination and making the following statement. Shinzo Abe was shot at 11:30 a.m. yesterday in front of the Saidaiji station in Yamato Saidaiji, Nara City, Nara Prefecture, while giving a speech of support, and died later (at 5:03 p.m.). This is what happened. Abe is dead, it is true, but who really killed him, and when? Tetsuya Yamagami is a substitute puppet. Much time will be spent in the future to find out the truth of this assassination

 I do not mourn Shinzo Abe because he is responsible for the long and bad history of Japanese politics. I will not mourn him because he is our great enemy and our great evil. I will continue to struggle with the Japanese people who mourn Abe's death for a long time to come. Who will they, the anti-communist right-wing forces in Japan, put up as their next head now that they have lost their head, Abe? Japan has been in a terrible decline for the past 30 years, with no increase in national income and no economic growth. Shinzo Abe is the political leader responsible for the last 30 years of Japan's misery. The TV and newspapers are reporting that the police leaked a statement from the interrogation of the culprit: "Former Prime Minister Abe is dead. However, the name of this religious group was not clearly reported by the newspapers and TV stations, even though the police should have told them the name. This is a serious problem. This religious group is the Unification Church (Moonie), a cult that has been firmly rooted in Japan since the time of Shinzo Abe's grandfather, Nobusuke Kishi.)


 「犯人は、安倍の背後に、6メートルの距離から、反対側の街路から、急いで、近寄って、3メートルぐらいの距離から、水平に狙いを定めて、発砲している、ことが別の動画から分かる。 だが、安倍の背後には、SPと他の地方議員の男たちがいて、山上の2発目をきちんと撃退している。どうやって、このふにゃふにゃの軟弱な感じの童顔の男が、安倍晋三だけを撃って、上手に殺すことが出来るのか。SPたちの体で塞がれていたのに。


  (Another video shows that "the shooter hurriedly approached Abe from the opposite side of the street from a distance of 6 meters, aimed horizontally from a distance of about 3 meters, and opened fire behind Abe. 

 But behind Abe are SPs and other local council men, who neatly repel Yamagami's second shot. How could this squishy, soft-looking, baby-faced man shoot only Shinzo Abe and kill him well, when he was blocked by the SPs' bodies? Right after Abe is shot with a special gun pressed against his body in truth, a famous crisis actor named Haruyo Miyamoto in a black suit, pretending to be an SP woman, crouches down next to Abe and puts her hands around Abe's body. One shot pierced Abe's neck and two pierced his left breast, the doctor in charge of the case said at a press conference. The "video of the moment of the shot" doesn't give that feeling.)


 (Nevertheless, I think it was unfortunate that Soejima came to the wrong conclusion by discussing the crisis actor and thinking that the crime was committed by an SP, but he pick up a valuable footage. Shinzo Abe was shot at the scene of the election speech, but the big question is why none of the media did not use this footage to air news programs and report from the scene.)


 「私の考えでは、真実の銃弾は、他から撃ち込まれている。特殊な小型の消音銃で、2発だ。安倍が自分の身を守ろうと、かがみこんだ、その瞬間に「総理、大丈夫ですか」と、覆いかぶさった人物が、小さな特殊な銃で、安倍を抑えながら、頸部から撃った。東京から来たSPが、頸から心臓方向に2発、撃ち込んだのだ。ここには、恐ろしい政治謀略がある。このSPは、アメリカのCIAの意思で動いている。バイデンたちが、やらせたのだ。岸田首相 は、そのことを知っている。その代わり、3兆円分、アメリカ製の兵器を買います、で、合意していたのだろう。」

 Soejima’s early and dust conclusion is as follows:

 (In my opinion, the bullet of truth was either fired elsewhere or shot. A special small silenced gun, two bullets. Just as Abe crouched down to protect himself, someone covered him and said, "Prime Minister, are you okay?" and shot him in the neck with a small special gun, while holding him down. An SP from Tokyo fired two shots from the neck toward his heart. There is a terrible political conspiracy here.

 This SP is working at the will of the CIA in the US.Biden and his team made them do it. Prime Minister Kishida knows this. He probably agreed to buy 3 trillion yen worth of US-made weapons in exchange.)


 (Soejima's observation that Abe and the Unification Church (Moonie) are deeply connected, that the occult is behind the crimes, and that international forces masquerading as religion are behind the assassination was a good place to start. However, there is a leap in his conclusion, and Shinzo Abe, a member of the neocon faction, needs to have an insightful look into the whole international dark forces manipulating the war in Ukraine, and I will discuss this subject in the next issue.)